Paste Calcium Zinc PVC Stabilizer

Short Description:

Appearance: White or pale yellow paste

Specific gravity: 0.95±0.10g/cm3

Weight loss on heating: <2.5%

Packing: 50/160/180 KG N.W. plastic drums

Storage period: 12 months

Certificate: EN71-3, EPA3050B

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Calcium-zinc paste stabilizer holds a health certificate, making it suitable for applications that require high hygiene standards, odorlessness, and transparency. Its primary utilization lies in medical and hospital accessories, including oxygen masks, droppers, blood bags, medical injection equipment, as well as refrigerator washers, gloves, toys, hoses, and more. The stabilizer is environmentally friendly and free from toxic heavy metals; it inhibits initial discoloration and offers excellent transparency, dynamic stability, and good processing performance. It exhibits resistance to oil and aging, with outstanding dynamic lubrication balance. It is well-suited for high transparency PVC flexible and semi-rigid products. This stabilizer ensures the production of safe and reliable PVC-based products, meeting the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

Medical and Hospital Accessories It is used in oxygen masks, droppers, blood bags, and medical injection equipment. 
Refrigerator Washers It ensures the durability and performance of refrigerator components. 
Gloves It provides stability and specific properties to PVC gloves for medical and industrial applications. 
Toys It ensures the safety and compliance of PVC toys. 
Hoses It is used in PVC hoses for medical, agricultural, and industrial sectors. 
Packaging Materials It ensures stability, transparency, and compliance with food-grade standards in PVC-based packaging materials. 
Other Industrial Applications It provides stability and transparency for various PVC products in different industries.

These applications demonstrate the versatility and suitability of Calcium-zinc paste stabilizer in the medical industry and other related sectors. The stabilizer's eco-friendly and non-toxic nature, combined with its excellent performance characteristics, make it an essential choice for ensuring the safety and reliability of PVC-based products in various applications.

Scope of Application

paste pvc stabilizer

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