Liquid Methyl Tin PVC Stabilizer

Short Description:

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Tin content: 19±0.5%

Specific gravity ( 25℃, g/cm3 ): 1.16±0.03

Viscosity ( 25℃, mPa.s ): 30-90


220KG N.W. plastic/iron drums

1100KG N.W. IBC tank

Storage period: 12 months

Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS

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Methyl tin heat stabilizer stands out as the PVC stabilizer with unparalleled stability. Its simple production process and low cost make it a highly attractive choice for manufacturers. Moreover, its exceptional heat stabilizer properties and transparency set a new standard in the industry.


Metal Content





Excellent Long-term Stability, Excellent Transparency

PVC Films, Sheets, Plates, PVC Pipes, etc.


One of the key advantages of this stabilizer is its remarkable compatibility with PVC, allowing for seamless integration into various PVC products. Its excellent liquidity ensures smooth processing during manufacturing, contributing to the overall efficiency of the production process.

As a crucial stabilizer for PVC films, sheets, plates, particles, pipes, and building materials, the methyl tin heat stabilizer plays a vital role in enhancing the quality and performance of these products. It imparts essential heat stability, ensuring that the PVC products retain their structural integrity and visual appeal even under high-temperature conditions.

Furthermore, its anti-scaling properties are highly beneficial, preventing the formation of undesirable scales during the manufacturing process and maintaining the purity of the final PVC products.

The versatility of the methyl tin heat stabilizer allows it to find widespread application across various industries. From construction materials to everyday products, this stabilizer serves as a backbone for enhancing the durability and reliability of PVC-based goods.

Manufacturers worldwide trust the methyl tin heat stabilizer to optimize their PVC production processes. Its excellent stability ensures consistent quality in the final products, meeting the demands of discerning consumers.

In summary, the methyl tin heat stabilizer shines as a premium PVC stabilizer, boasting remarkable stability, cost-effectiveness, and transparency. Its compatibility, liquidity, and anti-scaling properties make it the go-to stabilizer for a wide range of PVC products, including films, sheets, pipes, and building materials. As industries continue to prioritize durability, efficiency, and sustainability, this stabilizer stands at the forefront of innovation, supporting the growth of the PVC sector with its exceptional performance and versatility.



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