Liquid Barium Zinc PVC Stabilizer

Short Description:

Appearance: Yellowish clear oily liquid

Recommended Dosage: 2-4 PHR


180-200KG N.W. plastic/iron drums

1000KG N.W. IBC tank

Storage period: 12 months

Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS

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One of the most remarkable features of Liquid Barium Zinc PVC Stabilizer is its resistance to plate-out. This means that during PVC product processing, it leaves no unwanted residues on equipment or surfaces, ensuring a cleaner and more efficient production process. Additionally, its outstanding dispersibility allows seamless integration with PVC resins, enhancing the overall quality and performance of the final products.

Notably, the stabilizer boasts exceptional weather resistance, enabling PVC products to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including intense sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, and heavy rainfall. Products treated with this stabilizer retain their structural integrity and visual appeal. Another critical advantage of this stabilizer is its resistance to sulfide staining, a common concern for PVC manufacturers. With this stabilizer, the risk of discoloration and degradation due to sulfur-containing substances is significantly reduced, ensuring that PVC products maintain their aesthetic appeal and longevity. Its versatility allows the Liquid Barium Zinc PVC Stabilizer to find extensive application in various industries, particularly in the production of non-toxic soft and semi-rigid PVC products. Essential industrial components like conveyor belts benefit greatly from the stabilizer's superior performance and durability.


Metal Content





High Filler Content

Conveyor belt, PVC film, PVC hoses, Artificial leather, PVC gloves,etc.



Good Transparency



Excellent Transparency

Moreover, it plays a vital role in the production of PVC films used in diverse applications. From flexible and comfortable plastic-coated gloves to aesthetically appealing decorative wallpaper and soft hoses, the stabilizer contributes significantly to creating high-quality products.

Furthermore, the artificial leather industry relies on this stabilizer to provide a realistic texture and enhance durability. Advertising films, an integral part of marketing, showcase vibrant graphics and colors, thanks to the stabilizer's contributions. Even lamphouse films benefit from improved light diffusion and optical properties.

In conclusion, Liquid Barium Zinc PVC Stabilizer has revolutionized the stabilizer market with its non-toxic, plate-out resistance, excellent dispersibility, weatherability, and resistance to sulfide staining. Its extensive use in various PVC film processing applications, such as conveyor belts, underlines its versatility and reliability. As consumer demand for sustainable and reliable materials continues to grow, this stabilizer serves as a stellar example of innovation and environmental responsibility, leading the way in modern manufacturing.

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