Career Opportunities

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Foreign Trade Salesperson

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for customer development, complete sales process and achieve performance targets;
2. Dig into customer needs, design and optimize product solutions;
3. Understand the market situation, timely grasp the industry exhibition, trade policy, product trends and other information;
4. Follow up the after-sales process, do a good job in customer service, and tap the potential demand;
5. Coordinated company resources, organized and participated in exhibitions at home and abroad.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor's degree, English,, Russian ,Spanish, Customer Development, Exhibition Experience

Foreign Trade Business Manager

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for daily management and assessment of the team;
2.Responsible for key account development, ensuring personal and team performance standards;
3. Coordinate resource allocation and optimize sales process;
4. Manage product supply chain and logistics forwarder partners;
5. Handle customer complaints and timely feedback;

Job Requirements:
Bachelor degree, English, Team Management Ability, Judgment and Decision Making Ability


Job Description:
1. Follow up the execution of sales contracts;
2. Responsible for procurement and freight management;
3. Responsible for customer proofing tracking;
4. Evaluate and screen suppliers.

Job Requirements:
College degree, English, OFFICE software

Product designer

Job responsibilities:
1. Familiar with industry product trends;
2. Issue product design scheme;
3. Optimize product design process;
4. Complete product iteration update.

Job Requirements:
College, AI, PS, CorelDRAW

Laboratory research and development

Job responsibilities:
1. Develop and optimize the stabilizer formula;
2. Debugging customized independent formula;
3. Maintain technical documents of each product;
4. Clarify the requirements of each production process.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor degree, English, Perceptive

Recruitment specialist

Job responsibilities:
1. Complete recruitment plan as needed;
2. Develop and maintain recruitment channels;
3. Organize and participate in campus recruitment;
4. Do a good job of personnel turnover analysis.

Job Requirements:
Bachelor degree, English, OFFICE software