Ba-Overbase Ba Content 28% Barium Dodecyl Phenol

Short Description:

Appearance: Brown oily liquid

Packing: 240 KG N.W. plastic/iron drums

Storage period: 12 months

Certificate: ISO9001:2008, SGS




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Barium Dodecyl Phenol, short name BDP, also named Phenol, nonyl-, barium salt, basic, is one of the raw materials in liquid PVC stabilizer.

The content of Barium is up to 28%, which means more room to compound the PVC stabilizers. Meanwhile, its phenolic free properties make it widely used in products with high environmental requirements.

Barium dodecyl phenol is widely used to produce liquid PVC stabilizer, such as Ba Zn stabilizer, Ba Cd Zn stabilizer, or a detergent in lubricating oils, surfactant, and preservative.



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