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TopJoy Chemical is a company that specializes in the research and production of PVC heat stabilizers and other plastic additives. lt is a comprehensive global service provider for PVC additive applications. TopJoy Chemical is a subsidiary of TopJoy Group.

TopJoy Chemical is committed to providing environment-friendly PVC heat stabilizers, especially those based on calcium-zinc. The PVC heat stabilizers produced by TopJoy Chemical are widely used in the processing of PVC products such as wires and cables, pipes and fittings, doors and windows, conveyor belts, SPC flooring, artificial leather, tarpaulins,carpets, calendered films, hoses, medical accessories, and more.


The PVC heat stabilizers produced by TopJoy Chemical exhibit excellent processability, thermal stability, compatibility,and dispersion.They have been verifed by internationally recognized third-party testing agencies like SGS and lntertek, and meet the requirements of regulations such as the EU's REACH, ROHS, PAHS.

As a global comprehensive service provider for PVC additives, TopJoy Chemicals expert team possesses deep industry knowledge and technical expertise. which allows them to meet diverse customer needs in the field of PVC heat stabilizers. In regard to the development of innovative products, optimization of customized formulations and consulting on application technology, TopJoy Chemical has extensive experience and professional knowledge.

The mission of TopJoy Chemical is to promote the environmentally sustainable development of the global PVC industry.

TopJoy Chemical looks forward to build long-term cooperation with you.



Focus on the production of  PVC stabilizers for over 30 years.



PVC stabilizer annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.



TopJoy has developed more than 50 applications.


The products are widely used in wires and cables; window and technical profiles (also including foam profiles); and in any type of pipes (such as soil and sewer pipes, foam core pipes, land drainage pipes, pressure pipes, corrugated pipes and cable ducting) as well as the corresponding fittings; calendered film; extruded profiles; injection moulded; soles; footwear; extruded hoses and plasticsols (flooring, wall covering, artificial leather, coated fabric, toys, conveyor belt), etc.

Our products have excellent processability, excellent thermal stability, excellent compatibility and excellent dispersibility. All products are strictly according to ISO 9001 standards and are RoHS and REACH certified by SGS testing. They are sold to more than 100 countries around the world.

About TopJoy

We are not only focusing on qualified PVC heat stabilizers with competitive price, but also guaranteeing high-level international standards. The quality and performance of our PVC heat stabilizers and other plastic additives are confirmed by independent third-party, audited, and tested following ISO 9001, REACH, RoHS criteria, etc.

TopJoy Chemical is committed to providing new environment-friendly PVC liquid and powder stabilizers, especially liquid calcium-zinc stabilizers, powder calcium-zinc stabilizers and powder Ba Zn stabilizers. Our products have excellent processability, excellent thermal stability, excellent compatibility and excellent dispersibility. They are sold to more than 100 countries around the world.

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of the international PVC industry. And our talented employees and advanced equipment will ensure TopJoy Chemical can provide high-quality PVC heat stabilizer products and other plastic additives in time for our global customers.

TopJoy Chemical, your global stabilizer partner.

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  • 1992
  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2016
  • 2018
  • 1992
    • Established  Shanghai Pudong  Runlu  Chemical Factory.

  • 2003
    • Established Liyang Subao Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 2007
    • Established Shanghai TaLang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

  • 2010
    • Established TopJoy Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • 2016
    • Established Shanghai Pudong Gulu Social Welfare Integrated Factory Co.,Ltd.

  • 2018
    • Established offices in Australia and the United States