Innovation! Calcium zinc composite stabilizer TP-989 for SPC flooring

SPC flooring, also known as stone plastic flooring, is a new type of board formed by high-temperature and high-pressure integrated extrusion. The special characteristics of SPC flooring formula with high filling and high calcium powder require the selection of appropriate calcium zinc stabilizers.


Compared to traditional calcium zinc stabilizers, TP-989 is specifically designed for SPC flooring and does not contain toxic components such as heavy metals.

The outstanding advantage is that 1)Can reduce the amount of additives by 30% -40%, greatly reducing production costs. 2) High whiteness, lighter colored products have better appearance performance. 3) No segregation phenomenon, good compatibility with PVC resin, and good processing fluidity. 4) Shortening plasticization time, making plasticization more thorough, improving toughness and impact resistance, and resulting in superior product quality.

打印TP-989 has passed experimental testing and mass production testing, and the test results are excellent. Our customers have started using it. For more information, please contact us immediately.

Post time: May-22-2024