Granular Calcium-Zinc Complex Stabilizer

Granular calcium-zinc stabilizers exhibit distinctive characteristics that make them highly advantageous in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials. In terms of physical attributes, these stabilizers are finely granulated, allowing for precise measurement and easy integration into PVC mixtures. The granular form facilitates uniform dispersion within the PVC matrix, ensuring effective stabilization throughout the material.


In applications, granular calcium-zinc stabilizers find widespread use in the manufacturing of rigid PVC products. This includes window frames, door panels, and profiles, where their excellent heat stability becomes crucial. The granular nature enhances the flowability of PVC during processing, resulting in products with smoother surfaces and improved overall quality. The stabilizers’ versatility extends to the construction materials sector, where their lubricating properties aid in the seamless fabrication of various PVC components.

One of the key advantages of granular calcium-zinc stabilizers lies in their environmental friendliness. Unlike stabilizers containing harmful heavy metals, these stabilizers do not pose ecological risks. Additionally, they contribute to reduced defect rates in the final products, showcasing excellent processing stability. In summary, the granular form of calcium-zinc stabilizers brings together precise application, versatile use, and environmental considerations, making them a preferred choice in the PVC industry.

Post time: Mar-27-2024